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Mageboy has no name

He's a wizard, a war criminal, and a devil who longs to die a saint. He's not so much doomed to die tragically as he is determined to. 

When the court sorcerer is framed by the church and executed for dark magic, his orphaned protégé commits to a life-long quest for revenge.

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There is kindness in letting the one who loves you be the one to tell your story.

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A tale of revenge

Mageboy is an 18-episode fiction fantasy podcast available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and more. 

Magic + being evil in a cleansing way + catholicism + "you wanna be saved from yourself so bad it makes you look stupid"

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This is a revenge plot.

In a kingdom on the cusp of Christianity, an orphaned Mage becomes the apprentice of the court Sorcerer. However, with the arrival of the Bishop and the King’s new interest in all things holy, magic is pushed behind the curtain. 

When the King commands the Sorcerer to perform a dark ritual, the Bishop leverages this sinful magic and has the Sorcerer executed, leaving the Mage alone in the world once more. 

Set on revenge, the Mage works his way back into the King’s favor in order to exact his vengeance.

Mageboy in the hen house

I. The Sorcerer's Tower

II. The Advent of Christianity

V. Baptism

VI. The Bidding

VIII. Holy War

XIV. The Garden

a note from the author

I wrote Mageboy at the end of my third semester of graduate school in December 2020. It was finals season. I was teaching two sections of English 180 and grading almost 50 student papers. I was writing my thesis and working on seminar papers for the classes I was taking. Somehow (I don't remember how) I also wrote the first draft of Mageboy in those two and a half weeks. 

Perhaps surprisingly, this story started off as my attempt at a children's book. However, thinks took a dark turn as I wrote the first chapter. The isolation of lockdown forced me to revisit my own childhood trauma, and thus Mageboy was born. 

This book (now a podcast) became a way for me to process at the grief, fear, and anger I had carried for 25 years. It also enabled me to do something I had forgotten how to do after years of honing my craft and using my sharp self-critical eye to improve my writing: actually enjoy writing. Mageboy reminded me that writing is thrilling. 

In writing Mageboy, I let myself indulge in everything I loved in a story as a kid. My sense of humor seeped into the work, something I found startlingly vulnerable as I was editing. 

I hammered out that first draft fast, but I also took time to revise, get feedback, and improve the story so it could become something I am proud of. It was as I read several drafts aloud to my friend Eli that the idea of podcast format for sharing this book came to me. As a writer who enjoys sharing their work, I knew after speaking to an agent that this project would be too dark and sensational and too genre-nebulous to pitch as a novel. 

This is for childhood me, the trauma she suffered, the anger she didn't let herself feel, and the kinds of stories she loved. 

Mageboy is my most beloved creation and my favorite thing I've ever written. I hope you love it, too. 

About Meghan E. O'Toole

Meghan O'Toole is from Illinois, but was raised by parents from Ireland and Poland. She was the 2021 fiction winner of the Ploughshares Emerging Writers’ Contest and the recipient of LitMag's Virginia Woolf Award for short fiction in 2018. 

Trigger warnings

Mageboy may present listeners with challenging content. Each chapter (episode) will include trigger warnings in the episode description. 

Below is a list of general triggers to watch out for: